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Lake Constance (atau Bodensee dalam bahasa German) merupakan danau ketiga terbesar di Eropa dan danau terbesar di German. Danau ini terletak di perbatasan tiga negara  yaitu German, Austria dan Swiss. Dengan menaiki ferry, kita bisa pindah dari satu daerah di danau Konstaz ke area lain yang berbeda negara. Di tengah danau sendiri terdapat pulau seperti Mainau, Reichenau, dan Lindau. Pulau Lindau ini terkenal waktu musim semi karena terdapat banyak bunga tulip disana.

Sebagain besar daerah di sekitar danau Konstanz ramai oleh wisawatan pada saat musim panas, karena terdapat bagian dari danau untuk berenang. Tapi bukan berarti mengunjungi danau selain musim panas tidak memberikan kesan yang indah. Justru waktu pergi di akhir musim dingin dan menjelang musim semi, tidak banyak wisawatan yang berlalu lalang sehingga bisa menikmati desa sekitarnya dengan leluasa (tentu saja dengan catatan memakai pakaian yang tepat).

Salah satu kota yang terletak dipinggir danau Konstaz yang menawarkan pemandangan cantik adalah Meerzburg. Dalam kota kecil ini terdapat ladang anggur, kastil beserta rumah khas German yang berwarna-warni. Terdapat banyak restoran juga toko yang menjual es krim, bahkan di musim dingin bersalju seperti ini, ada orang yang membeli dan memakan es krimnya sambil berjalan-jalan mengelilingi danau. Terdapat juga toko souvenir yang menjual jam kukuk..karena bunyi burung yang keluar setiap jamnya 'kukuuukkukkukk'. Aslinya jam ini disebut cuckoo clock. Tapi menurut saya, jika ingin membeli jam kukuk lebih baik membelinya di daerah Black Forest.

Zeppelin museum
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New castle

Old Castle

Saya akan senang sekali kembali berkunjung kembali ketika cuaca agak menghangat sehingga dapat menikmati es krim :)
info kota lebih lanjut:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taman Bibit

Taman Bibit (a seed park) is  situated in Rungkut Surabaya. Actually, the Taman Bibit is a place for Surabaya officer to keep plants and flowers which will be planted around Surabaya areas but this park  is widely open for public every day. 
In the entrance area has climbing structure for children ,also the bridge which are construct from a tire and rope. Futhermore, there was  two deer in this park. Children had enjoyable experiences because they could feed them  and even to touched them =D.

I really like this park because a lot of various colorful play structures as seen as pictures below. There are three compound of children playground. 

The first children playground near from the entrance with a big combination playground structure where the chilren can slides, climbe and playhouse. There also a seesaw, swing seat, a spider web to climb. 

Actually, the second compound of playground  has slightly differences with the first one. While in the first one has a big playground structure, in this area has a really long seesaws, beside a lot of equipment for climb such as jungle gym, a spider web. Another differences, the floor  is covered by sand. 

The third compound is located near pond, the equipment mainly for exercise, excluding a swing sweat. 

Overall, this park is really clean and very comfortable places to spend free time with family :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Road to Land of Dream :)

It's been an age since I wrote my journey in English. Oh, I never intended to forget my goal to enhance my writing skills but I did it! *oh my bad :(
From now, I trying the best I can to update this blog  everydayyy!!! Yess... I mean it! 
I will try for a month, because to form a new habit, it takes at least 21 days  *crossing finger. Moreover, through practicing everyday, I  hope that can used to write in English ^^9

Actually, so many things  happened in the last two years. The last year, one of my dreams come true. The dream that I have dreamed since my childhood. When I was a child, I read so many stories which were set in Europe.oh, i always imagine to be there.. 
I want to wander the Europe. I never imagined that somehow I could made it happened, considering my financial limitation :D Thanks to God, I could step my foot in Europe without spending a dime from my pocket through business trip. Nevertheless, it was needed a huge efforts before the journey. 

In early of 2014 we (me and my best friend) started to propose the courses, because this is a tailor made course we had to contacted several institutions in France.
The first institution that we had contacted did not showed any good respond, then we started to make new communication with another institution.  I’m in charge in communication with France institution via email or phone, there were a several time that I need to have a phone call with them, due to difference time zone, I need to made a call at 11 pm.

So many unclear administration procedure that made me and my best friend frustrated that time–of course this procedure come from Indonesia institution not France institution. In the other hand the 
French institution is really helpful –which make us not to give up with so many hindrances. I believe that with hardship come ease... 

We had really short time to prepared our business trip because  unclear administration procedure. We did not enough time for applied visa, but the last day there was an announcement that started from  17th August 2014 for
Indonesia business passport holder did not need a visa (alhamdulillah), I thought that we could  went there that time :( , there also possibility that we must provided some money for living cost (Praise to God, that a few days before our departure we got the money, although the  tuition fee could be paid  after the course... Oh we ready to reschedule, maybe the French institution want to be paid before the course started. But, they understand and stick to the schedule). 
  But, agaaaain, there was another problem, the  flight ticket at the time which had scheduled was sold out (yeah, we searched the ticket few days before our departure _ _'),  we found the ticket in the next day... therefore we need to reschedule our course. luckly us,  The France institution  was accommodate the changes. 

Oh, this experiences too valuable to be forgotten, so I think that I need to write my days while I was in France and Australia 

I know..some people think that business trip is business trip  not as same as holiday vacation. However I felt that was a great trip!  I was have so much fun plus so much lessons to learned and amazing memorable experiences.

I hope this is as reminder that I still have so many dreams to make it happened :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goes Further

 He it is Who has made the earth subservient to you; so walk in the paths thereof and eat of His provision. And to Him will be the resurrection (Al-Mulk:15).  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mudik... The Exodus

The busies weeks of the year have started as millions of people are leaving urban areas across the nation for their hometowns to celebrate Idul Fitri (Moslem Holy Day), known as Mudik.
Mudik derived from "udik" which means upstream, mountains, village. The people who homecoming to their village is called "meng-udik", then shortened as mudik. The reason why millions of people who works far away from their hometown, want to back to their hometown at Idul Fitri are to cure the homesickness,  to enjoy Idul fitri with their families, to enjoy the long holiday :)
The annual tradition of mudik is means to strengthen family relationship, to meet the member of families who live far away from the hometown. The annual traffic congestion become an annual template news :D
But, people never mind the traffic congestion,the limited public transportation, at least they enjoy the journey.. The know that one of the happiest thing is together with families in their hometown :)
Mudik with car and the gifts for the families in hometown :)

Using a truck with temporary tent as mudik transportation.. Its very long-long journey,
but for kids..its really fun journey ^^

Mudik using a pick-up with temporary tent is really not comfort but there is not another choices... 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Frangpiani Fragnat in the Morniiiing

Everyday, I walk to my office.. Usually, I just just look at vehicles and people passing by in rush.
Today, I see different prespective, I tilt my head and look up beautiful sky :) 
Also I can smell scent of frangipani flowers.. Feel like I'm in Bali, if I don't see the skyscrapers :D

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Weekend

Yeayy! last weekend my friend (@Kalderapagi) bough an i-phone :D I happy because I love an i-phone (maybe someday I can bought as my friend did :). One of the reason I love it because  instagram application (although last weekend, the instragram can be used at android mobile phone :D)

So, yesterday We (@Kalderapagi and @dislokasi_sri) went to museums near from our office, it should be embarrassed never went there. 
The first destination was The National Museum of Indonesia. This was my first experience, took photographs with i-phone.

An Interesting woodcraft from Bali 

Photos with stupas and statues
 After spending almost 3 hours in the national museum of Indonesia. I can see that this museum attracts foreign tourist but not many domestic tourist like us spent their holiday in museum. I like an old-Wing museum than new-Wing, in the old-Wing we can see stupas and statue, interesting ethical tools such us traditional fabric or clothes, traditional utensil,  traditional musical instrument, traditional miniature houses, jewelry  from gold and diamond, ceramic. The new-Wing is have a concept on the frameworks of cultural element, however most of the exhibits have been seen in the old-Wing. And, I felt that new-Wing kind a soulless concrete. In spite of making a new-building, I thing its more urgent to attract people went to museum. It would be interesting, if there is a video about ethical group in Indonesia (how they live in the past and how they life right now) which is replaced every week with other ethical group. Or it would be nice, if there not only display a traditional music instrument but also we can heard the sound of that instrument. 
And maybe for the stupas and statues, It would be easier to memorize when it is categorized by kingdom. Beside to inform us about history of kingdoms in Indonesia.

Ok, the next destination was Museum of Memorial Stone Park. This museum really near from the National Museum of Indonesia. We can walking or ride a motorcycles (ojek in Indonesia). My friend really want to here, because she watched dramatic-mystical video clip with this place as a background. But she disappointed when we arrived at the park. She looking for a huge statues, but in this park the statues not as big as she imagined. But, still we have so many nice picture here :)
Entrance Museum Taman Prasasti


"Nobody knows the troubles, I see nobody knows my sorrow”

I like in this museum, because it remind me that someday I will dead. They who died very long time ago, their name became a history. But, unfortunately, in some stone the was graffiti (not an art graffiti but graffiti which harm the beauty and historotical value of the stones).

In the end of the journey, we closed our weekend in Old-Town. Oooh, in weekend so many people here and also so many interesting seller in the street. We just hanging around the Old Town, because museum in Old Town has closed when we arrived.

Fishing a bottle
Fatahillah Museum
An Old building in the Old Town

Statiun Jakarta Kota

I hope that museum in Indonesia more attractive so more people like to go to museum. And I will more frequently visit museum ^____^